Best Way To Change Your Honda Key Fob Battery
Honda Key Fob Battery

Best Way to Change Your Honda Key Fob Battery

2019 Honda Accord Key Fob Battery Size
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Being able to start, lock, and unlock your Honda remotely is a handy feature, but over time, the battery inside your Honda key fob will lose its charge and need to be replaced. Check out our guide on best way to change your Honda key fob battery.

Honda Key Fob Battery Type

Before you perform a Honda key fob battery replacement, you’ll need to know what battery your key fob needs. Most Honda vehicles use a flat circular 3-volt battery for the key fob, but this can vary depending on what kind of Honda you drive. To make sure you’re using the right battery, check your car manual. This way, we can help you find the right battery as well as any other parts that you need.

How to Open Up Your Honda Key Fob

The first step in how to change the battery in your Honda key fob is learning how to open up your Honda key fob. To open up the key fob to your Honda, follow these steps:

  1. Find the button on your key fob that releases the metal key. 
  2. Slide open that button, and pull out the key. 
  3. Put the edge of the key into the slot at the top of the key fob. 
  4. Lightly twice and wedge the key, and the back of the key fob should pop off. 

Best Way to Change Your Honda Key Fob Battery

After you’ve successfully opened your key fob, you’ll want to be careful with the rest of the process. Trying to pull out your battery too hard or too fast can cause you to pull out other essential components. To successfully remove your Honda key fob battery, do the following:

  1. Press your thumb right above the spot where the battery is. 
  2. Use your other hand to pry out the dead battery. 
  3. Replace the battery with a new one. 
  4. Line the back of your key fob up with the front half, and press the pieces back together. 
  5. You should hear a snap once all of the pieces are secure. 

How to Program Your Honda Key

Now that you know how to change the battery in your Honda key fob, the only thing left to do is program it. Luckily, the programming process is easy, and any Athens driver can perform it. Here are the steps:

  1. Hop inside the cabin, and make sure all doors are shut. 
  2. Have your key fob out and ready to go. 
  3. Insert your key, and turn it to the “On” position. 
  4. Press and hold the “Lock” button for about a second. 
  5. Release the button, and turn the key to the “off” position. 
  6. Repeat this process two more times. 
  7. Turn the key to the “On” position, and hold the “Lock” button for a second. 
  8. You should hear the doors lock and unlock automatically. 
  9. Once the locks are cycled, your HOnda should be in remote programming mode. 
  10. Hold the “Lock” button for one more second. 
  11. After the locks have cycled, your key fob should be paired with your vehicle. 

Learn more about a Honda Accord key fob battery replacement or how to replace the key fob for any Honda vehicle in more detail by reading our article here.

Why Isn’t a Honda Key Fob Battery Working

Honda is a well-known brand, mostly known for their top of the line SUVs and sedans.

Honda has included the remote start in most models in 2019 though all their cars come with a key fob. They are one of the most reliable in the market and has a range of about 400 ft.

With all the above features, it can be genuinely frustrating when the key fob doesn’t work. While you can blame the battery, for the most part, it is not always the case.

Sometimes your key fob may not work even when you change the battery. In this case, you might want to look at the other factors, so why isn’t a Honda key fob battery working.

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