Honda Key Fob Battery

Honda CR-Z Key Fob Battery Replacement Guide (2011 – 2014)

Honda CR-Z Key Fob Battery Replacement Guide (2011 - 2014)
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A short lived Honda model, the sporty looking CR-Z hatchback only used one key in it’s life. It used the Honda CR-Z Key Fob physical key with rounded buttons. It’s an easy one to change with the right screwdriver set.

If your car key isn’t working correct, the cell battery likely needs to be changed. Below, we described how to disassembly your car remote key fob and replace your Honda key battery step by step.

Key fob in most of cases reprogramming not required after battery change. If your remote key fob not working, recheck new battery voltage. Otherwise, read user’s manual or contact local dealer.

What does the Battery Remote Key Fob Require

Before beginning disassembly key fob be sure that you have all required tools and materials: flat head screwdriver and one CR2032 battery.

  • flat head screwdriver
  • 1xCR2032 battery

Remote key fob of Honda CR-Z use 1xCR2032 batteries. Price for CR2032 batteries are under $6 build upon the size packaging, type and brand you buy. You can take old battery to the store, with you to find a proper replacement.

Replacing your key fob battery is easy to do in any Honda CR-Z key fob. Most of car manufacturers think about customers and make a special hole for remote key fob disassembly.

How to Replace a Honda CR-Z Key Fob Battery (2011 – 2014) – Smart Key

Before we start, read our article here if you would like to see a general Honda Key Fob Replacement Guide. So, in this article, we’re going to show you how to change the key battery in a Honda CR-Z Key Fob Battery. So this is really easy battery change.

Inside of your remote key fob installed tiny coin battery. Open key before you try to pry apart the key fob. A button battery installed inside the your remote key fob. Open key before you try to pry apart the key fob. Gently try to pry apart your remote key fob with pry tools. Replace 1xCR2032 battery with flat head screwdriver.

If you put it right in between these two pieces of Fob, we’re just going to use that to get some leverage kind of twisted a little bit towards you, twist it away from you, and you can just pop this thing right off, and this Fob is really nicely designed and that you’re not going to break anything when you pop it off.

It’s got some good points just to get that leverage with the valet key and pop it off. To get that out, you can just on the left side here, take your valet key, pop that out. When you’ve got a new CR 2032 battery, you’ll notice there’s some kind of longer prongs on this right side here.

If you place the battery in underneath those first, then you can just push it down in, and it makes your life a lot easier than trying to push down through. So make sure to insert the battery that way.

Get new battery and install it inside fob’s case. Battery must be installed with the same position as was an old. Your keyless entry remote will not work if you by mistake put battery wrong way.

When the new battery installed, check remote key fob by pressing buttons. If everything is functioning, assemble your keyless entry fob’s case in reverse order.

The last thing to do is put your cover back on fob. Carefully try to put the two halves together by hands from top to bottom. Inspect your fob case for gaps. If it is not firmly closed try to repeat last step.

How often Should Honda CR-Z Key Fob Battery be Replaced?

Remote key fob batteries in Honda CR-Z should be replaced once in 3-4 years, but this will differ based on usage and quality. If your key fob reduced signal strength, you should replace batteries before it stop working and make problems for you.

What if your Honda CR-Z Key Fob Battery Dies?

If your car signal strength reduced, need multiple clicks to unlock or lock doors, key fob buttons not working or has low key battery indicator on dashboard, in most cases battery change inside key fob required. Current battery is dead with a high probability, but if it’s not fix problem, key fob replace or repair needed. So, follow our guide and replace your Honda CR-Z key fob battery.

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