Honda Key Fob Battery

Honda Key Fob Remote Batteries and How to Replace Them

Honda Key Fob Remote Batteries and How to Replace Them
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One of the largest car makers in the world, Honda has made replacing their key fob batteries easy. Most fobs and keys use the same common battery type. Click your vehicle model below to find our guides on how to change the battery in your Honda key fob remote batteries. You can also look at your fob and match it to the picture on this page to find the correct battery.


Honda Key Fob Remote Batteries

The Honda line of key fobs. Honda has had just 6 major key fobs over the years. They have two integrated smart keys where the physical key and the fob are one and the same. Then they have 4 smart key fobs that with various buttons allow you to lock/unlock and/or start the car, open the trunk, etc.

1. The Integrated Physical Key with Rectangle Smart Key Buttons

Honda integrated smart key with rectangle buttons. Used in mid 2010’s Honda Accord Sedans & other Honda models. This is the newer of the two Honda smart keys.

2. The Integrated Physical Key with Rounded Smart Key Buttons

Smart physical key with rounded key buttons. This is the older of the two physical smart keys used by Honda.

3. Smart Fob Key with Rounded Case and Rounded Buttons

Smart fob with rounded buttons.

4. Smart Fob Rounded on Both Sides of Key

The oldest Honda smart key fob. Fully rounded rob on top and bottom.

5. Rectangular Button Smart Key Fob – Newest Honda Smart Key

Newest Honda Smart Key Fob.

Honda Key Fob Remote Batteries — Everything You Need to Know

Honda is a Japanese car manufacturer and has designed some of the most beloved cars in recent history. These models include the classic Honda Accord Type R and the timeless Honda Civic (in all its much-loved iterations).

A modern Honda car typically comes with a keyless entry remote. But what’s the best Honda remote to add to your cart? What do you do when the battery in your Honda remote needs a replacement? This guide covers the major types of key fobs available and how to change batteries in the remotes for these wonderful vehicles.

Types of Honda Key Fob Remote Batteries for Keyless Entry

Many of the fobs listed below will be provided with your car when you purchase it from a dealer service. Others you can add to your online shopping cart if you fancy upgrading to a keyless entry remote.

Honda Rectangular Button Smart Key Fob

This remote control is the newest model available to add to your cart. It’s a great option if you’re looking for keyless entry fobs for your car. It can save time with handy lock/unlock buttons and works with most models.

You can get these remotes from an automotive dealer with your car or purchase them from an online electronics store selling car parts and accessories.

Honda Smart Fob Key with Rounded Case & Buttons

These fobs come with lock/unlock buttons for the car and the option to choose which side to open for quick entry. These models are often available in online sales, so it’s worth putting a couple in your cart if you find them at a low price. You can phone a locksmith to program these parts at any time.

Honda Smart Fob Rounded on Both Sides of Key

This elegant remote includes buttons to open and lock the vehicle doors and a button to open the trunk. If you’re a customer who prefers parts from Honda, Inc. (instead of throwing discount items into your cart), you may be glad to know that this model displays the Honda make and logo. If you find that you value results over branding, the inclusion of the logo is just a bonus.

Honda Integrated Physical Key with Smart Buttons

This remote includes a physical key as well as buttons. When you add this device to your cart, you’ll gain access to the remote locking/unlocking functions for your vehicle. Plus, the integrated physical key is present to help you start the ignition if something goes wrong with the buttons.

These remotes are commonly provided with a number of current Honda models and are a sign that the company is embracing keyless entry.

How to Put a Replacement Battery in a Honda Key Fob Remote Batteries

First, let’s select our battery. To find the right battery for your fob, you need to check the instructions or phone the sales team at your dealer center to find out. Otherwise, you can search online articles like this one.

View the list below to easily decide which new battery your fob will need.

  • Integrated physical keys: CR1616 or CR1620
  • Smart fob (rounded): CR2025
  • Smart key fob with rectangular buttons: CR2032

What if my Honda Key Fob Remote Batteries Die?

Your dealer may say, “call us if your fob dies,” but you don’t need to contact a professional simply to replace the battery. This is a service you can perform yourself if you follow the instructions further up the page.

How to Program a Honda Key Remote Fob Batteries?

If you have a new remote, you may need to call a locksmith to program it. A car dealer may also say, “call us to program your remote,” but if you don’t buy vehicles or remotes from them, they may be less forthcoming. For this reason, it’s good to have a locksmith’s number if you’re close to buying a new remote entry device online.

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