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What Do I Do If Honda Key Fob Battery Is Low?

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Over the last few years, one of the many advancements in-vehicle technology is keyless vehicle entry. These keyless remote fobs control the locking and unlocking of your vehicle as well as trunk entry and sometimes window controls too. In this article we will explain the question of ”What Do I Do If Honda Key Fob Battery Is Low?”, in our article.

The benefits that come with this feature are endless, however, what do you do when your keyless remote battery is low. You may find yourself stuck in a very tricky situation.

There are a few things you can do if your keyless vehicle remote has run out of the battery to gain access to your vehicle without any hassle. We’ve also included some handy information on battery changes to save you money at the garage too. 

What Do I Do If Honda Key Fob Battery Is Low?

You may be confused about what happens when your key fob battery is low. Often you will find your car has a security chip within the remote key fob so even when the battery fails or is very low, you can still gain access to your vehicle until you can get a replacement.

If your battery is low and you find you can’t gain access, place your key fob as close to your vehicle as possible to enable vehicle startup.

Although this may work in the short term, you must get the battery changed before this option no longer works and you find yourself stranded without access to your vehicle. 

Luckily most keyless access comes with a system designed to prevent you from being left without access to your vehicle. The modern electronic configurations track the battery usage and help to power the voltage of the battery of the keyless remote fob.

It will also trigger the keyless remote battery low light on your dashboard and you will probably start finding it difficult to make use of the keyless fobs functions. You should change the batteries as soon as possible when you find yourself stuck with these problems to prevent any further issues.

Gaining Access

If you have accidentally left it too long before replacing your key fobs batteries then you may find yourself stuck locked out of your vehicle, unable to gain access or start the engine. We have gathered a few solutions if you find yourself locked out of your vehicle and looking for a way to gain entry and start your engine.

Battery Replacement

The first option is a more obvious one, but by swapping out the battery in your key fob then you can solve your access issue and you easily replace the battery yourself for around $5. You can access the battery in your fob key with either a coin or a small screwdriver to get under the battery cover.

The battery in your key fob will look like a silver button and have numbers that identify the type of battery. Make sure you replace the battery with the same type to prevent any issues with your key fob.

Remote Application Unlocking

A lot of vehicle models will come with an unlocking service so if you find yourself without access to your key fob then you can still gain access via a pre-set-up PIN. Here are some examples

Honda newer models will gain a free trial period to their HondaLink application which features keyless entry and 24-hour roadside assistance from almost anywhere.

There are several other vehicle models that all offer similar services and often come with their applications for these features and more. Check with your vehicle manufacturer for more information.

Hidden Key

If the previous steps are not available for you, then your fob may have a hidden key for this scenario. If your fob has a leather jacket on them you can remove it and release a small catch to release a mechanical key and pop this out to manually enter through your driver’s door without the need for your keyless entry fob.

Starting Your Vehicle

Once you gain access to your vehicle then you can usually start the vehicle fairly easily. Often the system will have been designed to work with a non-functioning fob remote and has backups built into the key fob to use without a key.

Often there is a hidden key slot on your steering column that may be located under a plastic cap that will easily pop off and reveal a key slot.

If you have push START technology then there is often a backup system installed for this very situation so you can get your vehicle to start with no issues. Use your key fob to push your START button and this should work. So, there is not much to learn, but we explained the question of ”What Do I Do If Honda Key Fob Battery Is Low?” and if you want to learn more about every other type of Honda key fob battery replacement, read our article here.

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