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2011 Honda CR-V Key Fob Battery Size

When does the Honda Key Fob Battery Need Replacement
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If your 2011 Honda CR-V key fob is not working, you’ll need to replace the battery. You can use CR-1616, CR2032, or MLBHLIK-1T. To replace the battery, you should bring the transponder to a supplier. The battery size should match the size of the transponder.

2011 Honda CR-V Key Fob Battery Size

Honda crv key fob batteries come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some models have a release button on the back of the fob and other types may have a screw. To open these types of batteries, use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the plastic tabs and expose the battery. Be sure to press the battery into place by firmly pressing it with your thumb.


If your Honda CR-V keyless remote battery dies, you can easily replace it by removing the battery with a coin, screwdriver, or your fingers. Be sure to keep the old battery in the car for safekeeping. The Honda CR-V remote key fob uses a CR-2032 battery size.

The size of the Honda crv key fob battery will vary from model to model, but in general, it will be a flat round, three-volt battery. It is important to check the manual of your car to see which battery size is recommended for your vehicle. Replacing the battery is easy enough if you follow the instructions carefully. However, some models require flat or jeweler’s screwdrivers to remove the battery.

To replace the Honda crv key fob battery, make sure you remove the plastic casing from the fob. You can then use a flat head screwdriver to remove the old battery and install the new one. Once you’re done with the battery replacement, test the key fob’s functionality by pressing the buttons. You can then put the key fob back into the shell by reversing the process.


A Honda crv key fob battery is a flat round 3-volt battery. It may vary from model to model, so check your owners manual to find out what type of battery your key fob takes. Replacing the battery is easy. You may need a flat screwdriver or jeweler’s screwdriver to replace the battery in some key fob models. Once you have removed the old battery, you can replace it by following these simple steps.

To replace a Honda crv key fob battery, look for a CR-1616 battery. This battery is similar to the ones you find in watch batteries, and they’re very inexpensive. You can typically purchase a bag of CR1616 batteries for $5 to $10. If your key fob doesn’t work, the first thing to check is the battery.

If it’s low, the car will flash a warning light to let you know it needs change.
MLBHLIK-1TIf your 2011 Honda CR-V key fob battery has run out, you can replace it by purchasing a CR2025 battery. These circular batteries have three volts and are easy to replace. They are inexpensive, and it’s a good idea to have extras on hand just in case. The first thing you need to do is remove the metal key from the fob.

The key code on your Honda CR-V key fob is unique to your car, so you’ll need to write it down. This way, if you ever lose your car key fob, you’ll know exactly what code is needed. You can have your dealer or locksmith match your key fob to the cylinder that has the correct code.

If your key fob battery doesn’t fit into your car, you can simply replace the battery with a new one. This can be done at a parts store or by contacting your manufacturer. If you don’t know which battery size to buy, you can contact your Honda dealer to help you replace your battery.

The new battery for the Honda CR-V is an OEM part that’s compatible with most Honda models. OEM parts ensure the highest quality and best compatibility, which means a stronger signal. And best of all, the battery is guaranteed to work with your vehicle! If you liked our 2011 Honda CR-V Key Fob Battery Size article and if you have further questions, contact us.

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