Honda Key Fob Battery

2016 Honda Crv Key Fob Battery

How to Replace the Battery in Your 2016 Honda CR-V Key Fob

Are you having trouble with the remote lock and unlock feature on your 2016 Honda CR-V? One of the most common reasons for this problem is a dead key fob battery. This small but essential component can be easily replaced, saving you the hassle and expense of taking your car to a dealership or mechanic. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to replace the battery in your 2016 Honda CR-V key fob.

Step 1: Obtain a replacement battery. The key fob battery for the 2016 Honda CR-V is a CR2032 lithium coin battery. You can purchase this battery at most hardware stores or online retailers. It’s a good idea to have a spare battery on hand, so consider purchasing a multi-pack.

Step 2: Open the key fob. Use a small flathead screwdriver or a coin to pry the two halves of the key fob apart. Be careful not to damage the plastic casing or any of the internal components. Once the key fob is open, remove the old battery.

Make Model Year Battery Type
Honda CR-V 2016 CR2032 lithium coin
  • Step 3: Insert the new battery. Carefully place the new battery in the key fob, with the positive (+) side facing up. Press down on the battery to ensure it’s secure and properly seated in its slot.
  • Step 4: Reassemble the key fob. Place the two halves of the key fob back together, being careful not to pinch any wires or damage any components. Press the two halves firmly together until they snap into place.
  • Step 5: Test the key fob. Now that the new battery is installed and the key fob is reassembled, test the remote lock and unlock feature to make sure it’s working properly. If it’s not, double-check that the battery is properly inserted and the key fob is securely assembled.

Replacing the battery in your 2016 Honda CR-V key fob is a simple and straightforward process that can save you time and money. By following these easy steps, you can keep your key fob working properly and ensure that you always have access to your vehicle.

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