Honda Key Fob Battery

2010 Honda Fit Key Fob Battery

2010 Honda Fit Key Fob Battery
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Honda introduced the Fit model in 2001, and it became popular because of its good resale value, fuel economy, low maintenance costs, and excellent reliability. The manufacturer started selling it outside Japan in 2007. There are lots of fit key fob battery such as 2010 Honda Fit Key Fob Battery.

Most drivers found the model fun to drive as compared to its competitors, thus giving it an edge in the car market. The 2007-2008 Fit generation was the first model that the car manufacturer sold in the North American markets.

The Honda Fit, the adorable little car it is, has used just 3 different key fobs in its just over a decade life. It currently uses the two newest smart Honda Fit key fob, one with the physical key and one without a physical key. The smart key for the newest models looks like this:

If you have a psychical key for your Honda Fit key fob, the newest key looks like this:

How to Replace a Honda Fit Key Fob Battery (2014 – Present) Smart Key

Replacing the battery on a Honda Fit key fob is very easy. It can be done in about 60 seconds. This newest smart fob has been used in the Honda Fit Key Fob in years:

  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020

Right in this article, we are going to show you how to change the smart key Fob battery in a Honda Fit. This is used from 2015 till present, and this is a really easy battery to change. So we just flip it over on the back side. We can see there’s a little knob there.

It kind of looks like it’s got an arrow pointing down for looking at it like this. If we pull this towards us and pull out the valet key, that releases the valet key, and this Honda Key Fob has a really nice split all the way around it. So it’s a really easy one to split into two pieces, and the easiest and fastest way to do that is take your valet key, insert it right in the middle.

There’s kind of a slot that valet key will fit perfectly and just twist, and you’ll be able to pop off this piece into two really easily and get access to the battery that we need to change. So to change this battery, it’s a CR 2032 point battery. You can just, again, take your Fob battery, take your valet key and just pop out the coin battery. Then when you’re putting in a new one, just make sure that the letters are facing towards you.

When you put it back in the positive side and you kind of see there’s two longer teeth that hold in the key here. So if you put those and put that side in first, it’ll just slide line in really easily. If you try to do the other side, it’ll be pretty difficult. So hopefully you can see that. But yeah, that makes it a lot easier to put a new one back in, then just reattach this by popping it back together.

Should snap together quite nicely. And then go ahead and put your rally key back in, and that’s it. You’ve changed the key Fob battery for your Honda Fit. That’s all there is to it.

How to Replace a Honda Fit Key Fob Battery (2014 – Present) Physical Key

The Honda Fit has a bit of a challenging key battery to replace. First you need a small screwdriver. Not the small one you have in your toolset. You’ll need a precision set, or a jeweler’s set like this:

This key was used in the following model years of the Fit:

  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020

Okay, in this part of the article, we’re going to show you how to change the battery in a Honda Fit for their physical key. It’s got some rectangle buttons here. This was used from 2015 to present. So if you got a Honda Fit in this key, this is how you change the battery in the Fob. So go ahead and flip it over.

You’ll see a really tiny screw there. So you’re going to need a precision screwdriver set like this. So go ahead and take your smallest screwdriver and you have to press really hard to get traction into this screw and then obviously unscrew it.

Trust us, this can be hard to get out the first time. So once we get that out, if you look on the side right here, there’s a little notch. If we take our flat head screwdriver into this notch right here on the guide and twist, we can get some leverage between the two pieces of this kind of clamshell Fob, and just keep twisting there and you’ll be able to pop off the back of the key Fob.

So you can see the internal battery here. If you take our flathead, just pop kind of gently underneath. This will pop right out. You can see it’s a CR 1623 volts battery, and I’ll link to that as well. So when you put a new 1620 back in, just make sure that you push in this top part first.

It’s got some metal prongs that kind of have a little bit of give, and then these plastic pieces at the bottom, not so much. So if you push into the give ones first, you’ll be able to kind of easily get underneath the plastic ones I’ve found. So once you’ve got the new one in, just go ahead and replace the backing on Fob, snaps back together, really easily put the screw back in, and that’s it. So that’s how you change the battery on a Honda Fit with the physical key.

2010 Honda Fit Key Fob Battery – Physical Key Rounded Buttons

Alright. So in this part, we are going to show you how to change the battery in a Honda Fit key fob that looks like this. It’s got some rounded buttons on the physical key, and this was used from 2009 to 2013. So the first thing you need is a really small screwdriver, because the first thing you have to do is at the base of the key in the back here, there’s a really small Phillips screw. So we need to get that off first so we can get internals of the key Fob.

So once we get that off and that can be difficult, especially the first time. So you really got to push down sometimes pretty hard to get traction enough. But once we’ve gotten that off, go ahead and set your Phillips screwdriver aside and grab a flathead, and in the lower right here, there’s a notch right in the middle of the key. If we put our flat head into that small notch and twist, it gives a little bit of leverage.

You’ll see now without the screw there, this base really comes up quite easily. The only thing that’s holding it together is a little bit of a notch at the top here. So we can actually just separate this by if we pull it a fit towards us and then flip it up, you can see this notch here in the top is really the only thing that’s holding this together once we remove this screw. So let’s go ahead and pull out the internal section of this key. So everything that we actually need is in there.

So let’s go ahead and set aside the case for now. Now looking at the internals there, if we look at it like this, there’s a notch in the upper right here. When you oriented like this, if you can see that notch is where we’re going to put our flat head screwdriver again and do the same thing we did, which is just twist, and that’ll give us some leverage to pop off the internal section. Now really only you’re concerned with this side there.

This is the battery that we want to change. So let’s take our flathead, get a little bit underneath here and pop this thing out. And you can see the battery that we need is a CR 1616 3 volt coin battery. So when you put a new one in, make sure the positive sign with all the lettering is facing away from you. This one, you can kind of just pop back in.

There’s not really any big prongs or overhangs here. So don’t worry about breaking anything. You can just push it in and pop it back in. Okay, this point is just reassembling everything back together. So we’ve got the new battery in.

We’re going to put our internal piece back together. One thing you might want to check is if you have the light up button here, make sure that your battery got all seated correctly and then just putting the internal piece back together here and then one little trick just to make sure if you set this lip first at the top, then just kind of keep that lip set, it’ll be easier to get everything to set at the base here and then that’s it.

We put the little screw back in and you’ve changed the battery on the Honda Fit used from 2009 to 2013 and again the battery that you need is a CR 1616 3 volt battery. Snap the key together, and you’re done. If you also want to read detailed guide for another Honda key fob, read our article here.

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