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Battery For 2018 Honda Civic Key Fob

Battery For 2018 Honda Civic Key Fob
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The Honda Civic has used 3 different key fob models over it’s 3-decade span and one of its is Battery For 2018 Honda Civic Key Fob. In this guide we will show you how to change Battery For 2018 Honda Civic Key Fob. Let’s start with changing the battery in the most recent Honda Civic Smart Key that looks like this:

Battery For 2018 Honda Civic Key Fob

The Japanese car maker, Honda, first introduced the Civic in 1972. Since that first generation, two-door Civic, there have been many different styles and a total of 10 different generations. From that first generation in 1972 to today, over 19 million Civics have been sold around the world. From the fuel efficient versions to the sporty and high performance Civics, the car has become one of the most popular compact cars ever.

Dead Honda Civic Key Fob Battery Replacement Guide (2001 – 2020)

Alright. In this article, we are going to show you how to change the key fob battery in a Honda Civic. This is a smart fob used from 2014 till present. So this is a really easy change!

You click on the back of the Fob, there’s a little notch here. It’s kind of a little, little knob that you can pull towards you. If you’re at this angle here, this allows you to pull out the valet key. We see that notch there. Pull off the valet key.

If you look inside, there’s a little slot between the two pieces. So this fob comes in two pieces and we’re going to pry these apart. The way to do this is to take your valet key, stick it right in the middle there, and if you just twist easily pop this off and get access to the internal battery that you need to change, which is the CR 2032 battery. You can even use your valet key again.

Just pop out that battery and just make sure when you put it back in that the lettering and the positive side is facing towards you just like so. Just pop that back in a little finicky. You have to make sure you kind of get it set just right.

All right. So if you go in from this side. Okay, that makes a lot easier. So you see these two prongs here, they’re a little larger than those ones here. So, just insert the battery underneath those ones first and then it slides right in and then just pop this back on two spots.

That’s how you change the fob or the battery on a Honda Civic key fob. This is one of the more modern, recent keys.

Dead Honda Civic Key Fob Battery Replacement (2014 – 2020) – Physical Key Rectangle Buttons

The Honda Civic used the rectangle button physical key in the following model years:

  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020

We’re going to show you in this video how to change the key fob, excuse me, the key battery in a Honda Civic key from 2014 to present. The Civic uses this key with the rectangular buttons. So just unscrew the key with the smallest screwdriver. You really have to push down to get this screw out. So once you’ve gotten that out, drop that out.

Then on this side here, you’ll notice there’s a little slot. Go ahead and take a flat head screwdriver. Take this large flat one from your set and stick it in the side there. If you kind of twist, it will start to break apart. Not break apart, but there’s two pieces to this clamshell fob.

If you just kind of twist, you’ll be able to pop off the top of the key here, which will give you access to the battery that we need to change. So you can take your flathead screwdriver and just pop out the CR 1620 3 volt battery so you can see that guy there. Just make sure when you put another one back in, that positive side is down here. If you kind of put in the top side first, like we’re doing here, it’ll go in a lot easier. Okay, so once you’ve got a new one in, go ahead and just reassemble the fob and put the two pieces back together.

Those will snap back together pretty easily. Then go ahead and put your little baby screw back in.

That’s how you change the key battery on a Honda Civic fob. That’s the flat end. So a little tiny Phillips one and just screw that back in and you’re all set. Again, the battery type is a CR 1620 3- volt coin battery. If you would like to learn another Honda Key Fob Battery replacement, read our article here.

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