Assembling Honda Key Fob Battery
Honda Key Fob Battery

Assembling Honda Key Fob Battery

2009 Honda Key Fob Battery
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After replacing the battery in your fob, assembling honda key fob battery process may look complicated, and it can lead to complicated situations, but we gathered some tips and replacement guide for you. ,

What is the Honda Key Battery Type?

It might sound like a daunting task, but finding a Honda key fob battery replacement is quite easy. The Honda key fob battery can be found at many Portland car part stores. The Honda key fob replacement battery most commonly uses a flat circular 3-volt battery. While this can be found at stores nearby, we recommend using the genuine Honda key fob battery replacements found at our parts center at Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda. This way, you can rest assured you have the right battery for your model.

Replacing Honda Key Fob

If you still have the original battery in your Honda key fob, count yourself lucky! Most key fob batteries fail after about three to four years, so it had a good run.

Thankfully, installing a fresh battery is easy. Just follow these simple steps to replace a Honda keyless remote battery:

  • Look for a small tab to push or pull on the back of the key fob where the Honda logo is located.
  • Slide the key out of the fob.
  • Use the key to pry the key fob apart.
  • Pry the battery out using a pen tip.
  • Replace the battery with a new CR2032 battery. You can buy one at a general store or pharmacy for about $2.
  • Repeat these steps in reverse order to put your key fob back together.


  • Do not wipe off any grease on the battery terminals or on the back surface of the circuit board.
  • Refer to local regulations when disposing of batteries.
  • Replacing the battery does not erase the programmed key from the vehicle. 

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a working key fob again! So why not take one more minute to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance by replacing and assembling Honda key fob?

Assembling Honda Key Fob

While replacing your Honda key fob battery may be a simple task, one of the downsides is that if not done correctly, some of its internal components or buttons may fall out in the process. Fortunately, there’s also an easy solution to this problem. Follow these steps on how to easily reassemble your Honda key fob:

  1. Grab your spare key fob to use as a reference of what the reassembled fob should look like.
  2. Line all of the buttons up next to the key fob faceplate just as they would be placed back into the key fob.
  3. Flip the faceplate over and place the buttons back into the correct slots.
  4. Insert the crossbar between the empty spaces of the top two buttons, with the crossbar’s curvature facing outward.
  5. Insert the battery back into the motherboard with the positive sign facing out.
  6. Put the motherboard back into the key fob with the rubber film up against the buttons.
  7. Line the back of the key fob up with the front and press it back together. You will hear it snap back into place.
  8. Near your vehicle, press all the buttons to test that everything is working properly.

How to Program Honda Key

After you learn how to open a Honda key fob and replace the battery, you may have to reprogram the Honda key. Once you change the battery, programming will be a breeze. Learn how to program a Honda key below:

  1. Enter the cabin, securely shut all doors, and have your key and fobs to be programmed ready. 
  2. Insert the key and turn to the “On” position. Press and hold the “LOCK” button for one second. 
  3. Release the button and turn the key to the “Off” position. Repeat this process twice more.
  4. Turn the key to the “On” position and hold the “LOCK” button on the key fob for one second. Wait for the doors to lock and unlock automatically. Once the locks have cycled, your vehicle is in remote programming mode.
  5. Once again hold the “LOCK” button for one second. Once the locks cycle, the key fob has been successfully paired with your vehicle. Repeat the process with any additional fobs that need programming. 
  6. Exit remote programming mode by turning the key to the “Off” position in the ignition.

If you also would like to learn how to assemble honda key fob battery for every type, read our article here.

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