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DIY Honda Key Fob Battery Replacement

Choosing the Right 2011 Honda Accord Key Fob Battery Replacement Accord
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Do you have a warning light on the dash that says it’s time to change the battery in your Honda key fob? If you do it yourself, it only takes a few minutes. So, let’s explain everything in our DIY Honda Key Fob Battery Replacement article before paying.

What type of battery belongs in my Honda key fob?

Your Honda key fob requires a small button-type battery. The size varies according to the year, model, and trim of your car. Common battery types for Honda key fobs include the CR2032 and CR1620. If you open your remote, the size of the battery is stamped on it.

Where Can I Buy a New Battery for My Honda Key Fob?

These button batteries are widespread. Check your grocery store, pharmacy, electronics store, and of course, an auto parts store, or order online. Most of these batteries come in two or four packs and will cost you between $3 and $10.

Check your Honda owner’s manual to ensure that you are buying the proper size and voltage for your car.

You may have a choice of an alkaline or lithium battery in the right size. While the alkaline is less expensive, it will not last nearly as long as the lithium. You want to avoid having to change that battery for as long as possible. Do not pick up a rechargeable version, as they will be inconvenient and less reliable.

DIY Honda Key Fob Battery Replacement

It depends on the type of key fob that goes with your Honda. You may need a tiny screwdriver to separate the two halves of the key or just a small flathead to pry it open. It will take you less than 10 minutes to get the job done.

As an example, the smart key remote for the Accord, Civic, CR-V, Pilot, and Odyssey all use the same battery. Also, if you want to learn about replacement for every other type of Honda car key, read our article here.

  1. You will see a Battery Low warning light in your driver information center. It is time to change the battery in your key fob!
  2. Flip the fob over and press the button to release the emergency key hidden in the remote.
  3. Take the key out. Looking at the bottom of your remote, place the key between the two posts, and twist to fully open the fob.
  4. Pop the battery out using a small flathead screwdriver.
  5. Put the new one in.
  6. Snap the fob back together and replace your emergency key.

That is it!

Did you know that if you take your Honda back to the dealer to have them fix your key fob, they will charge you up to $30 to replace the battery?

Is There a Best Aftermarket Replacement Battery for My Honda Key Fob?

Most experts will recommend spending an extra dollar to purchase a button battery backed by a customer satisfaction warranty.

Energizer, Duracell, or Panasonic all have expiration dates marked on the package, so you can determine if you are getting a new battery or one that has been on the shelf.

They may use the letters DL, ECR, or PCR instead of the standard CR, but that is just placing their brand on the same size battery.

The CR specifies the shape of the battery — as in coin round. The four-digit number provides the size of the battery.

For example on a CR2032, 20 means that it has a 20-millimeter diameter, and the 32 stands for 3.2-millimeter thickness. If you select a slightly different size, the key fob may not go back together properly or the battery may be loose and fail to provide a good connection.

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