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Why Your Honda Key Fob Doesn’t Work?

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Today, we are going to discuss a problem that many people have with their Honda key fob; ”Why Your Honda Key Fob Doesn’t Work?”. Sometimes after you replace the battery, your key will not work anymore. This can be very frustrating because sometimes it seems like there is no solution to this issue, but don’t worry.

We have compiled a list of things you can do to help fix the problem and get your car door unlocked again.

Why Your Honda Key Fob Doesn’t Work?

There are several reasons why your Honda key fob could not be working even after battery replacement. Below are some of the main reasons.

Faulty Chip

If your Honda key fob doesn’t work even after you replace the battery, the chip inside of the remote may have gone bad.

You can test to see if this is true by putting a new battery in and pressing all buttons on both sides of the remote at once.

If they don’t do anything, then you’ll need to purchase a new remote.

Broken Key Fob Contacts

Remove and clean all contacts. If there are any dirt or other foreign objects preventing contact, then this could be why your keyless entry system isn’t working as it should.

This can happen from everyday use, so make sure to give everything a thorough clean before trying anything else.

Loose Battery Cover

Check the fob’s battery cover and make sure the battery cover is on tight and not loose.

Sometimes, these will come off when they’re just a little too big for their slot or if you closed them without lining up the locking tab with the groove in the fob case itself. A simple fix that may have been overlooked.

Damaged Key Fob Batteries Transmitter

There are a number of scenarios that can lead to the Honda key fob not working after battery replacement.

The most common one is damage caused by corrosion due to exposure from rain or saltwater for an extended period, which can cause erosion on and inside the transmitter circuit board.

Another possible scenario is if there was dirt between the transmitter antenna coil surface and its metal enclosure before installation into your vehicle, this could keep it from receiving signals clearly enough to work properly.

A final possibility would be if the damage occurred during installation, such as cracking open one side so much that it’s no longer airtight with another transmitter’s insides.

If any of these three situations apply, then you will need either a new remote control.

Wrong Battery Type

You will need to double-check and make sure that you are using a CR2032 battery, as this type of battery fits in all vehicles with keyless entry systems.

If your car’s model year starts before 2006 or has an alarm system installed (most likely after 2005), then there might be another type of battery needed for replacement.

Key Fob May Have Been Reset

If your Honda key fob is not working after a battery replacement, there may be an easy answer.

The car’s computer has likely reset the keys to prevent you from entering unauthorized areas of the system.

You need to manually reprogram each individual button on the remote to remember their assigned functions for it to work again. Learn more about every type of Honda Key Fob Battery Replacement, here.

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